Hello world!

Hello world. You are reading my first blog post! I feel as if I am writing to an imaginary friend or something silly.

Today both of the kids had school which doesn’t happen but 2 days per week. It’s only a couple of hours so I took advantage of the alone time and scooped up Mom for a leisurely shopping trip. It was the perfect visit on a perfect sunny day. It is nice and cool out – middle of October weather which I absolutely adore. I’m a freak of nature and enjoy being chilly instead of baking in the sun.

I had to get a few more ingredients for our dinner tonight. I plan on making gluten-free vegetarian goulash- I found a recipe on Pinterest that sounds amazing. I go to Aldi for most of our ingredients because it is a nicely sized store that also has nice prices. I threw a few extra things in the cart that we totally didn’t need. Well, more than a few. And the bill was still around $50. Which is amazing if you consider my previous shopping records at Target.

I somehow manage to spend a minimum of $100 at Target. And then feel totally guilty about it afterwards. How basic am I? Seriously. Typical. [insert eye roll here]

If we love the recipe I will share it with you. I’m not looking forward to cooking it. But I’ll do it anyway. I’m also baking pumpkin pie tonight. Straight out of the can. Into a pre made crust. Topped with whipped cream type product sprayed from a can. Wow. I’m healthy.

Right now I am looking at my planner and realizing how much I actually need to get done today. I allotted myself time slots for each task otherwise nothing will ever get done because I am an expert at procrastinating. Today I am cleaning the kids’ rooms. Which are already clean ish. I just need to vacuum and make their beds and dust.

We keep the kids’ toys at a minimum so that they are able to easily help pick up toys when the time comes. We usually pick up every night. I have extra toys on back stock to switch out when they start getting bored with a certain toy. It keeps stuff interesting.

I love exploring new minimalist ideas for keeping/getting our home organized and simple. Cleaning and organizing makes my adrenaline rush and it makes me happy. I could do it for hours. I love having a cleaning and laundry schedule. That way I know what to expect every single day.

Is it horrible that I turned on YouTube for my kids to leave me alone for 20 minutes while I typed this? Mom – don’t judge me.

I’m out. OXO!

Adios amigos!

P.s. How do we feel about posts with no pictures? Ugh. Boring right? I need to get on the ball.

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