Weekend Family Routine

What’s in my Planner

It is the weekend! I am so happy I could dance. No school trips, no swim lessons, no obligations.

Our weekend Saturday routine looks like this (this is what I have in my planner):

  • Me Time
  • Laundry
  • Cartoons + Breakfast
  • Play outside
  • Snacks
  • Craft with pumpkins
  • Chores
  • Lunch
  • Gym
  • Dinner
  • Take the kids to my parents’ house
  • Go to my nephews football game
  • Home

The weekend Sunday routine will be very similar, just a heavier focus on reading with the kids. I also clean my car every Sunday.

I plan on utilizing the frozen meals I have in my freezer for this weekend to avoid cooking labor intensive recipes. I like to do that during the week.

Cabin in the Woods

I will also be looking into kitchen appliances, sinks, cabinetry, hardware and countertops for our soon-to-be new cabin in the woods 👏🏼

As well as building additions and remodeling the entire place himself, my husband will be making custom cabinetry for the kitchen! I just need to send him photos of what I want them to look like. I will be posting before and after pictures galore.

I can’t wait to show you all the colors and materials I am planning on using! I say “I” because I am a self proclaimed designer – haha – and my husband has no say. (just kidding) We tend to go back and forth between modern and cabin style so we will be combining those. We are also eccentric and quirky. I love to have pops of unexpected color in small details.

I am in heaven thinking about the finished home already and it isn’t even ours. It feels so good and so wrong at the same time. Only time will tell.

I’m going to enjoy these last few minutes of quiet before the kids wake up. Have a great weekend!

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