Toy Shopping at Farm and Fleet Toy Land

Toy Shopping

I love holiday shopping! I am taking you along with us while we look at toys inside Farm and Fleet.

On a side note – I can’t even begin to imagine what toy shopping would be like in 50 years. Can you? I know that online shopping is extremely prevalent in today’s society and even though it is convenient and helpful in certain situations – I truly believe it is important to keep traditions alive. Going out with your family and making that extra effort to pick out something you know they will thoroughly enjoy is something that will never be replaced.

As far as getting the best deals out there for those “extra” items, I totally agree with bargain-hunting and even shopping on Amazon can be one of my favorite ways to save (amazon prime is amazing) and using the Target app to keep up on the Christmas toys and the promotions they have, is unbeatable. You can even set up reminders and alerts on the Target app which is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays.

Toy Land

We are getting ideas for Christmas toys for the kids, too. There are so many toys to choose from at Farm & Fleet Toyland that I will for sure be going back there for the kids’ gifts.

My personal favorites are the Crayola packets with color pages and crayons / markers included in the bag already. I am also interested in trying out the “color and erase mat” because it looks like it would be convenient with how much my kids like to color instead of wasting paper.

We are big fans of the mess free Crayola line because, um, no mess! Haha.

Our kids also love Lego kits, Vampirina, Disney princess dress up items like crowns, dresses, and plastic heels. My son also dresses up with them and he absolutely loves it.

One thing I want to do this year is practice using beads with my daughter, Emma. She is 5 years old and she is getting to be that age where she appreciates more time consuming projects.

My son, Liam, is all about the Hot Wheels, trucks, and ride on toys that you see here in the store (on my Vlog). He is a big fan of stuffed animals and Dragons. So we may have to get him a stuffed animal Dragon to kill two birds with one stone, if you will ;-).

Stocking Stuffers

Another fabulous non-failing item are blind bags! They are a great stocking stuffer that we always get the kids.

LOL surprise dolls and Barbies are also a must have for both of the kids. Let me know in the comments what you plan on getting your kids for Christmas and your favorite place to shop!

Click here to see our shopping trip! We were surprised at HOW MUCH we actually found there. Enjoy!!

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